About Me

Hi, I'm Rachel. I live in Vancouver, Canada with my fiance and  golden retriever Reggie (aka Parmigiano Reggiano) who you will most certainly recognize from my videos.

I've dabbled in the kitchen my whole life, but over the last few years it's become a true passion, so I decided to pour my heart and soul into it and share it with the world and, well, here we are! I recently left my job in tech to pursue cooking full time and I couldn't be more excited that this is my job, a pinch me moment every damn day.

My mission is to inspire you to cook incredible food, get out of your comfort zone, learn a few tricks, and have some fun in the kitchen. But most importantly, I want to share the joy I get when someone bites into something I made and goes "DAMN that's good".

But enough about me, let's get cooking!

About My Site
It REALLY matters. I always use Diamond Crystal. Different salts = different sized crystals so make sure to account for that and always taste along the way. Here's a great article on the topic if you want to see conversions or nerd out on salt like me!
Ingredients are listed based on where you'd find them in the grocery store. You can also toggle the ingredients to be listed by "batch" instead ie. listed in order that you use them and grouped for any that get combined for something like a sauce.
You can check off steps
Never forget where you're at. Once you're done a step, you can actually check it off. How satisfying is that?
Leave a review!
I am not a fan of blogs before a recipe but alas, that is what Google demands. So if you make a recipe, PLEASE review or comment so I can feed the Google beast in other ways and keep my recipes short.

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